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1.  Khimaira Preferred Web Designer Status
If you want to be considered for this, here are our conditions:

Khimaira Preferred Web Designers will:

  • Provide $15.00 discount to Khimaira clients who purchase a one year Basic, Gold or Platinum hosting plan contract with Khimaira.
  • Provide a banner (468x60) for our Gold and Platinum clients, whose site you design.
  • Add a link to Khimaira WebHosting Solutions on the homepage of those clients above (can be your affiliate link)
  • Host with Khimaira (we believe a mutual promotion is effective!)
  • Add a link from their own webpage to Khimaira
  • Help promote Khimaira WHS as might be appropriate

    NOTE:  Links can be web designer's affiliate code, if a Khimaira Affiliate, thus offering additional income opportunity.

Khimaira will:

  • Provide a FREE Gold Hosting Package when you have at least 12 clients hosting with us.
  • Provide a FREE Platinum Hosting Package when you have at least 25 clients hosting with us.
  • Provide  25% discount for your personal hosting, until you reach the Gold level of 12 clients, at which point it's FREE.
  • Provide a gallery area for ads, which can be changed at any time.
  • Provide space in our banner rotation  (you provide the banner)
  • Help promote your business as might be appropriate
  • Provide reseller pricing and incentives for hosting packages

2.  Web Designer's Promotion

If you are either not interested in being considered for the Preferred Status, or are not accepted into our program, we still offer you a way to earn income.

We offer $15 off annual rates (for any package) to web designers who will add a link to our site. We will add a (free) cgi bin for any of the plans designers want to use, but space is limited as noted on the hosting page. Accepting the terms of the preferred webmasters gives you better rates overall,  but this is another option.

3.  Affiliate Program 

We have launched our new affiliate program!  As an affiliate you will receive 8% for all sales that originate from the special coded link on your site.  This will give you an opportunity to earn this income for any sites you develop that host with us, or anyone who just follows your link and purchases.  WebDesigner Affiliates may choose either option 1 or 2 above, AND still be an affiliate, so you have multiple opportunities to earn income! 

We want to work WITH you to create a win-win relationship!  We are always interested in your suggestions!  If you are interested in our programs, please provide the information below.

Just check the  program (s) of interest to you:

Preferred WebDesigner
WebDesigner Promotion                            
Affiliate Program

(If you are requesting consideration for our Preferred WebDesigner Status, submission of this form certifies agreement to the specified terms above).

Please tell us more!

Please tell us more about your work and interest!