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Try WebEdit Pro for easy updating!

We researched many editing programs to find a program that was full-featured AND economical.  This one has the best features and pricing of the hundreds we tried. Go HERE to try our demo!  Feel free to upload a page from your current website, or edit some of the pages already there.

This program retails for $145.00, but if you are hosting at Khimaira,
 we have discounted prices for you! 

Starter Hosting Plan - $5/Month or $75.00 purchase
Basic Hosting Plan - $5/Month or $50.00 purchase
Gold Hosting Plan - $3/Month or $50.00 purchase
Platinum Hosting Plan - FREE!

Just send us your request and we will set it up on your
 Khimaira Hosted site, with a 30 day free trial!

Want free design templates?  Go Here!

Makes it easy to get started!

With our new WebEdit Professional , you can update and maintain your entire website through your browser (requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or above - Download Here).  You can even have your site developed by a web designer of your choice (visit our Preferred Designers) and still work with your designer to save some time and money on updating, by editing some of the pages yourself!

Use this as a stand alone editor (no need to buy other software), or edit pages created in FrontPage, Dreamweaver or other editors!

Below is a  list of features available in WebEdit Professional!
General                              Go to  WebEdit Quick Help
Username and password protected, so only you have access to your website
Multi-user support, so more than one user can modify your website with the ability to specify different directories for each user
Simple and easy to install (Khimaira will install free!)
No client software needed to install or maintain
Manage your entire website or webpage from your browser, anywhere, anytime!  
No slow downloading applets or components .
Use server side includes  .
Easily define directories to restrict access if you want someone else to help maintain part of your site.
Webdevelopers: Disable certain features, such as delete, rename, upload or create new files / folders.  
Graphical User Interface
Simple to use
Everything is Point and click
No programming skills required
No Technical Knowledge required
Online help system
Complete File Manager
Specify specific extensions of files to modify
View, Edit, Rename or Delete files
Create NEW files based on pre-defined templates
Ability to specify non-editable file types, meaning you can upload, rename and delete (but not edit) any type of file, for example, Flash, MPEG, PDF, BMP etc
Upload your OWN files and place in whatever directory you choose
Browse through recursive directories
Create, rename and delete directories
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor:
Edit your files using a simple point and click Interface
What you edit is how your website will look
Click save, and your changes are viewable INSTANTLY!
If you can use a word processing program such as  Microsoft Word, then you can use WebEdit Pro!
Adjust font type, color, size, formatting (bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript)
Paragraph Formatting
Insert Numbered and Ordered lists
Insert and modify TABLES
Add Columns, Rows, and Column spans
Delete Columns, Rows and Column spans
Modify Table Cells, background color, width and alignment
Complete StyleSheet (CSS) Support .
Insert / Modify Forms, text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, text areas and hidden fields.
Toggle guidelines so you can see outlines of tables with no border
CUT & PASTE from Microsoft Word
Clean HTML code, allows you to clean HTML code copied from other editors such as Microsoft Word
Add / Edit or Delete Links. Complete Link manager, browse and link to files, link to anchors and set target windows.
Insert / Modify Anchors
Change your webpage background color, text color, links color, visited links color and active link color
Modify your page title, description and keywords
Insert, resize and delete images
Modify Image Properties; Width, height, border, Alt text, alignment
Page preview
Switch between HTML and Text mode
Advanced users, EDIT your HTML code directly!
Complete Image Manager
Insert images into your website easily!
View, Insert, Delete or Rename images
Upload your OWN images from your harddrive
Browse through recursive directories
Create, rename and delete directories


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