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Help us to help you!

We want to help your nonprofit organization!

We feel strongly about helping worthy organizations get the exposure that will help promote their cause in a low cost way.
See our Chart for an overview!  Go HERE to order!
If you are ordering the Starter Package, use this code in the shopping cart to get a 40% discount:    nonprofit-st

If you are ordering other  Packages, use this code in the shopping cart to get a 50% discount:     nonprofit

The discount will be automatically deducted.

Here are other ways we can help those who a part of our 'community'!

1.  Your organization can earn 8% of any sales made through a link on the website, simply by signing up (it's FREE) to be an affiliate!  Go Here for more details.  Your group can either offer this as a member service to your membership (by rebating the income to them) or earn some dollars for the treasury. It's your choice!

2.  If your group is having an event, contact us about getting a Donation for your fundraiser or door prize! 

3.  We will include information about your event in our mailings, when appropriate.

3.  If your group is a farm-related one, make sure you add your information to our Resource Links at ComeToTheFarm.  Go Here.  Also,  add your meeting or show information to our Calendar for more exposure!   Go Here.  If your organization is a goat-related one, it can list fundraiser items FREE in TheWholeGoatCatalog!   You can also request a Benefit Auction at ComeToTheFarm auction. Go Here.

4.  As a client of Khimaira, we can add your link to our Clients page, and it will get good coverage as our sites get a lot of traffic.

5.  We also will submit your site to the top 40 search engines, and you can also do additional submissions through your control panel.

6.  We're available with technical support when you need it! 

We continue to look for more ways to help support
and promote your nonprofit group!  
Your support helps us to help you!


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