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Initial Set-up Charge $35.00
Not just 30 Day Money Back Guarantee ~ Satisfaction Guaranteed! Complete refund of first month, and  Full refund on any hosting amount paid in advance if you are not satisfied and leave after that!  See Our Guarantee * * * *
Annual Plan - The best deal! Once a year payment - FREE Domain name, plus one month FREE $99/Yr
FREE Domain
FREE Month
Free Domain
Free Month
Free Domain
Free Month
Free Domain
Free Month
PayPal or Credit Card Monthly Payment Plan - the convenience of monthly payments, with FREE Domain Name!  We use the PayPal Subscription service to automatically charge your credit card or bank account monthly. Or, you can just set up a monthly credit card payment. $9.00/Mo
FREE Domain
FREE Domain
FREE Domain
FREE Domain
Disk Space (MB)*  100 200 300 1000
Your Own Domain Name Registration/Renewal- With One Year  Hosting Agreement-$20-35/year value alone!  FREE FREE FREE FREE
Domain Transfer and 1 year renewals, if you already have a Domain name (With annual Plans) FREE
With Annual Plan
With Annual Plan
With Annual Plan
With Annual Plan
Domain Pointers or URL Forwarders-per Domain (You can have multiple Domain Names that all point to same website location)- Includes registration/renewal of name. Both sites must be on our servers. We can Forward to sites off our servers@$36/year. $24/year
Includes cost of domain
Includes  cost of domain
Includes cost of domain
$24/year for additional
Ongoing Search Engines Submissions * * * *
FTP access - 24 hour availability to upload your pages any time you want. We also have a great FTP and file manager - built in! * * * *
Site Creation Tools  * * * *
Site Creation Editor - Easy to use - Unlimited Pages- no HTLM needed-Full Featured!  Read More See Demo $5/Mo/or
$75 purchase
$50 purchase
$40 purchase
Site Search For Your Web  - - * *
CGI-Bin  (Necessary if you have your own shopping cart or other CGI Scripts to run- See examples of scripts HERE) - * * *
Traffic-Bandwidth (Additional bandwidth will be $5.00 per GB of overage). 1G 5G 10G 15G
Web Based
Email Accounts
50 100 150 Unlimited
Email Accounts - Forwarded
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FREE Web Statistic and Logs Package - Great Tools! See More - * * *
Create Password Protected
* * * *
Unlimited Auto Responders-
Use to provide "auto answer" to any email address
- * * *
Real Audio/
Real Video
* * * *
AlaCart-Independent Shopping Cart  (You purchase a Merchants Account/Gateway if Needed) - - - *
Dansie Shopping Cart - A great tool!   We have purchase and lease options! See details Here   $150 Purchase
$5.00 mo.
Lease - Max
of $75
$5.00 mo.
Lease - Max
of $50
WAP (Wireless connections) Enabled * * * *
YOUR Banner AD on  our Khimaira Websites! (Throughout  3 sites,  including our auction!) Our sites get thousands of hits per day! $30/Year
FREE if you are listed in TWGC- Read more
FREE if you are listed in TWGC Read more
Read more
Read more
Special  Marketing features for Goat Farms!  Listings in TheWholeGoatCatalog , GetYourGoats, GetYourGoatSoap, GetYourGoatMilk, GetYourGoatCheese, or GetYourGoatMeat - great marketing!  Or, if your business is nonfarm related, you can be included in our ComeToTheShop site!  See Summary  $20/year
Read more
Read more
Read more
Read more
Your own control panel -this is a fantastic feature! See Demo! * * * *
Assistance with installing CGI scripts - rates vary
See Here
- * * *
DISCOUNT  on Web Development From Our Partners (With 1yr plans) - * * *
FREE Counter Script   * * * *
FREE Blog script!  - - * *
FREE Bulletin board! - - * *
Use of our
Secure Server for forms processing
* * *
Your Own Mailing Lists - 1 6 15
PGP (Mail encryption) - * * *
Technical Support
Multi Level - 24/7
* * * *
CGI-Java Scripts (Download site coming!) - * * *
Active Server Pages- ASP  - ChiliSoft - * * *
Macromedia Dreamweaver
* * * *
Microsoft Front Page
Ready (Extensions Available Free)
* * * *
* * * *


The STARTER PLAN is ideal for folks just getting started and who only need a few pages.  Maybe you have a free site somewhere and want your OWN domain name so that you can get much better search engine placement and better "respect" among your business peers?  AND get your own personalized email address for a professional image ( !  If you have  products to advertise, you  can benefit from our many marketing plans that are discounted more or free with our other plans  See features.  Get started!
The BASIC PLAN allows you to have more space for lots of images and room to spread out!  If you are already familiar with web design and have some existing files elsewhere, you probably will want to start at least with this level.   If you have  products to advertise, consider a higher plan with more features.  
The GREEN PLAN ~ Our Most Popular!  This gives you even more space, and your own Cgi-Bin so that you can run cgi and perl scripts such as shopping carts. A very economical plan with great features!  Now includes FREE Banner rotations on all of our Khimaira sites (our sites get thousands of views a day!), and a full year's listing in TheWholeGoatCatalog  or our new shopping site in the works!  Also includes Site Search and use of our Secure Server. along with a Blog script, advanced site statistics package and a bulletin Board!  See other Features
The PROFESSIONAL PLAN is fully packed with features and ready to go for your e-commerce needs.You can use our Dansie Cart FREE!  Your choice! This plan also gives you a lot of mileage for advertising with FREE Banner placement on all of our sites! Includes FREE use of our site editor!  Great "extras" at a price much lower than most offering anything comparable! See other Features
The EMAIL PLAN offers a domain registration/renewal; 3 personalized Email addresses@yourdomainname; and 1 One Page Site with contact information.   A first step if you're not quite ready to build a site, but want personalized email!    See Order Page. 



Hosting Packages Include:
  • Domain POP E-mail Boxes with Webmail Access 

  • Disk Storage dependent on service package (extra space is available)

  • Auto responders

  • Website development tools

  • Microsoft Front-page Extensions (not the software program), needed to use all MS FrontPage software features.

  • Your Own CGI/BIN directory

  • CGI-free script processing

  • FTP access 24/7

  • Bulletin board system

  • Web Calendar 

  • Word Press Blog

  • Daily Logs and usage statistics

  • MailMan or Php- Email list service

  • Image Maps, Server Side Includes, Java, Perl Script, MySQL, and PHP 

  • More features and upgrades coming soon!

    Some of the new features - will vary with packages, and will be an easy installation directly from Control Panel:

    b2evolution (3.3.3) (website)
    Nucleus (3.51) (website)
    WordPress (2.9.2) (website)

    Noah’s Classifieds (V8 (3.2.0)) (website)


    Drupal (6.15) (website)
    Geeklog (1.5.1) (website)
    Joomla 1.5 (1.5.15) (website)
    Mambo (4.6.5) (website)
    PHP-Nuke (7.9) (website)
    phpWebSite (1.6.3) (website)
    TikiWiki CMS/Groupware (4.1) (website)
    Typo3 (4.2.10) (website)
    Xoops (2.3.3b) (website)

    Customer Support:
    Crafty Syntax Live Help (2.16.8) (website)
    osTicket (1.6 RC5) (website)
    PerlDesk (4.012.2) (Commercial, needs license) (website)
    PHP Support Tickets (1.9) (website)
    Support Logic Helpdesk (1.2) (website)
    Support Services Manager (1.0b) (website)

    Discussion Boards:
    phpBB (3.0.6) (website)


    OS Commerce (2.2 Release Candidate 2a + buySAFE) (website)
    Zen Cart (1.3.8a  (website)

    Image Galleries:
    4images Gallery (1.7.7) (website)
    Coppermine Photo Gallery (1.4.25) (website)
    Gallery (2.3) (website)

    Mailing List:
    PHPlist (2.10.10) (website)

    Polls and Surveys:
    Advanced Poll (2.03) (website)
    LimeSurvey (1.87+) (website)

    Project Management:
    PHProjekt (5.2.2) (website)
    dotProject (2.1.2) (website)

    Site Builders:
    SiteBuilder - a full featured free site development program with templates- Try Demo Here

    PhpWiki (1.2.11) (website)

    Other Scripts:
    Dew-NewPHPLinks ( SEF w/Thumbshots) (website)
    Moodle (1.9.7) (website)
    Open-Realty (2.5.8) (website)
    phpFormGenerator (2.09c) (website)
    WebCalendar (1.2.0) (website)



Go HERE for details on our Hardware and System Specifications!