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We offer three options for your consideration:
  • Purchase of Script - Configured for your site (you will need to make some individual choices and changes).  One Time Charge of $175.00  The cart is licensed to you, and can be used even if you leave our hosting.

  • Purchase of Script - You do all setup.
      One Time Charge of $150.00  The cart is licensed to you, and can be used even if you leave our hosting.

  • Monthly Fee - You lease the script from us, and it will run from the cgi-bin on our site, so it can be used with  plans which do not have a cgi bin.  You have 24hour a day access to your "catalog" through a web interface. This has become a very popular option! We also have an unlimited lease option - one time payment for the duration of your hosting with Khimaira! 

    Go here for more details on shopping carts!


3A:  Dansie Shopping Cart 
We configure on our server. 



 Dansie Shopping Cart-Script + Setup 

This is the shopping cart we are using on this site.  This option is to have Khimaira install and configure the shopping cart script with the correct paths and permissions.  You, or your web designer  would then create the catalog itself.  It is a very flexible cart, and can be used as a database of items, or with HTML, which is what we are doing here.
For more information about the features of the script itself, please Go Here.
 For more information on shopping carts in general, see our FAQs
There are many different shopping carts available, but we have found Dansie  to have top features at a low price. 



3B:  Dansie Shopping Cart 
Script Only  



 Dansie Shopping Cart - Script Only

 This option is to just purchase the script.

 The script will be emailed directly to you.

 $150.00-Script Only


3B:  Dansie Shopping Cart 
Lease Script



 Dansie Shopping Cart- Lease Script 

 This option is to lease the use of the shopping cart script on a monthly basis. You will be invoiced monthly, or if you pay for the whole amount  upfront, you do not have any set-up charge.  If you are using the monthly option, we will bill you monthly through PayPal.  When you meet the maximum amount (based on your plan, as noted below), there will be no additional fees for leasing the cart.

NEW!  A Unlimited Time Lease amount!
For our Basic Plan customers, your total maximum amount would be $75.00
For our Gold Plan customers, your total maximum amount would be $50.00
For our Platinum Plan customers, the cart lease is FREE!
 $10.00 Setup on monthly Plan 
No Setup Fee on Unlimited Time plan! 
This is a one-time payment and will cover the use of the cart for the duration of your time hosted at Khimaira!


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